Old Time Timber

We are skilled craftsmen that take pride in our products using classic wooden joinery methods and high quality workmanship, specialising in custom made handcrafted oak products.

We specialise in bespoke.... oh hold on you won’t find that word used in our text as we tailor every project to the client and their needs. We are not another company producing oak things we are here to make your ideas possible.

We create handmade oak products such as doors, windows, porches, sunrooms, Cart lodges, skirting and architrave. Our Unique Antique range can replicate as far back as 12th Century Style Doors and flooring. Like all natural products, every piece of timber has its own individual character no two products are exactly the same and it is our careful selection of this timber that makes our products unique.

Our sawmill is based in the quaint, 13th century wool village of Clare in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk.

What We Offer

We offer traditional oak joinery including interior and exterior doors and flooring and a range of structures from garden rooms, cart lodges and porches.

The service we provide works off a relationship between the client and us. We work closely with you through each project to customise our products. This is easy as all of our products are crafted in house, we can change our product to suit your needs.

We also offer customer designed pieces, and have the ability to produce 3D Visualisations of concepts and designs to allow for a complete understanding in the design phase.

Old Time Timber